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Cafe Sbarro, 47th Street, 1980s
Fuji Film Billboard, 43rd and Seventh Avenue
"layland," Seventh Avenue at 43rd Street, 1980s
View from the Subway Entrance, West 42nd Steet, NYC-9190
JVC and Godfather's Pizza, Seventh Avenue, 1980s
Fresh Juice on Ninth Avenue, 1990s
42nd Street Between Broadway and 7th Avenue, New York, 1980s copy
Red Wall, West 80s,1980s
Theatrical Make-Up Shop, West 50s, 1980s
Ready for Demolition West 46th. Street, New York
Scheduled for Demolition, West 46th Street 1990s
International Deli, Hell's Kitchen, 1980s
Klein's on the Square II, Union Square, New York, 1980s
Klein's on the Square, Union Square, New York
Back of Klein's on the Square, Union Square, 1980s
Just off 8th Avenue in the '40s, 1980s
Dizzy Izzy's, West 14th Street, New York, 1980s
Tenth Avenue, Looking East, 1990s
Photo Copies, West '50s, 1980s
Pina Colada II, 46th and Seventh Avenue,1980s
46th Street and Broadway, NYC-9569
"Donnie's Is Quality," Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street, 1980s
Criterion Center, Seventh Avenue, 1984
"Framing Framing Framing," New York
Pizza, 50th and Broadway, 1990s
Rivoli Theater, Broadway, 1984
Rivoli Theater, Broadway, 1986
Victory Theater, 42nd Street, New York, 1980s
Lyric Theater, 42nd Street, 1980s, New York
Lyric Theater, 42nd Street, New York, 1987
Walking Fingers on Broadway at 43rd Street, 1980s
Times Square Theater, West 42nd Street
Winter Garden Theater, Broadway, between 50th and51st Streets, 1980sn
View East from 1633 Broadway, 1980s
"You Want to Dance in the Street," Richard Rogers Theater, West 46th Street, 1990s
"All...ale Cinema," Eigth Avenue, 1990s
Howard Johnson's, Broadway and 45th
46th Street and Broadway, NYC-9572
Porno Shop, Seventh Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd copy
Thalia Theater, Broadway and 95th Street, 1980s
Howard Johnson's Lounge, Broadway,1980s
Automat, 57th Street, New York
Five Guys, West 42nd Steet, NYC-9183
Howard Johnson's and Office, Broadway, 1980s
Painted Building West 49th Street, New York
Chock Full o' Nuts, 50th and Broaadway, 1980s
Hotel Mansfield Hall, West 50th Street
Broadway and 43rd Street, New York, 1980s
On the Move SoHo, New York City, 1980s
Mobil, West 80s, New York, 1980s